Sunday, February 7, 2010

vogt B, fifty gallons.

blouse from Armani Exchange, jeans by Bullhead, tank from Forever XXI, vintage belt, silk scarf from China

My housemate took these pictures and I realize I'm really awkward. They're like selfies, but not. I guess I'll get used to them eventually.

I went to see my friend in the Vogt series yesterday. The Vogt series is a play, made up of four smaller plays each series, that is completely student run. I missed seeing him in two plays already, first time 'cause I went home and second time 'cause I was too late to join the line and tickets were already sold out. The play was very good, well acted and I enjoyed it even though every skit ended sadly for every character involved.

I have a tendency to dress up for plays and concerts (the classical kind, not the moshing kind). It's always kind of hard to match this scarf. It's really beautiful when you open it up, a picture of a chinese opera singer's mask and costume, and the colours are very rich. It was difficult for me not to buy it. When I got it home and discovered that that my options for matching were slim, I was a little sad. But I guess, on occasions like this where I am in the mood to wear black, the scarf adds just the right punch of colour that is in my usual outfits.

playing on my itunes: Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine (cover of The Postal Service)

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Anonymous said...

Loving it, the belt is my favourite part =)