Saturday, February 27, 2010

i'm in love with your honour, i'm in love with your cheeks

bubble tea (passion fruit green tea and honeydew milk green tea) with one of my best friends at go for tea

I'm completely unable to concentrate on anything right now. I watched my favourite football team (I call soccer football, so sue me), Arsenal FC, play against Stoke this morning and the game put me through an emotional break down. Long story short, 'cause I don't want this to turn into a sports commentary blog or something, one of Arsenal's players suffered a seriously bad injury. His shin was just... looked bent the wrong way and it was scary. All the other players on both teams looked so shaken up and immediately called for the medical staff to come with the stretcher. I couldn't believe what a nightmare of a game I was watching.

Arsenal came through though, they won the game and came back from being 1-0 down in the beginning to winning 3-1 and showing a new found maturity. By the time the third goal was scored, I started crying. The tears were just pouring out of me and I can't really explain why.

On a happier note, my dad came back from the Bahamas and I bring you a few of his vacation pictures:

Atlantis, Paradise Island, The Bahamas

He spent a couple days there with his colleagues and an open bar, partying ridiculous hours. When did my dad get cooler than me? Okay so maybe it's not really a happier note considering while he was there for a couple of days I was suffering with the weather here. I am beyond jealous.

Essay word count: 1830, I beat the word limit, but I'm not gonna lie. This essay is shit.

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