Wednesday, February 10, 2010

it's not your fault, it's sold and bought

sweater cape from Forever XXI, jeans by Refuge, vintage boots

I'm so overworked this week! But reading week is so soon I can smell it. If only it would come faster... I've been finding new ways to procrastinate too. Hand-made some early valentines day cards for my housemates to surprise them with this morning. Pictures of those to come maybe, I'm going to make a few more when I find the time.

My friend showed me the Blue Bell site today and it's actually really entertaining for a good ten minutes. I don't love their clothes, just not my style. But their site design is really entertaining. I love interactive clothing brand marketing! :)

I'm having a Sufjan Stevens day. Genius.

1. Wolverine (rarity/b-sides) 2. To Be Alone with You (Seven Swans) 3. We're Goin' To the Country! (Song for Christmas Volume 1) 4. The Lord God Bird (rarities/b-sides) 5. Chicago [acoustic version] (The Avalanche) 6. Super Sexy Woman (A sun Came!) 7. Decatur, or, Round of Applause for Your Step Mother! (Illinoise) 8. Casimir Pulaski Day (Illinoise)

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BreakingItUp said...

Sweater cape thing from Forever is much too cute.