Saturday, February 6, 2010

ballin' frosh, sloshed by 10

tank, braided belt (worn as headband) and bandeau from American Apparel, shorts from Campus Crew, necklace from the streets of Costa Rica

There's a fine line between looking like an Avatar and looking like a smurf. I'm not sure I was on the right side of that divide last night. I think the leaves all the gaels had on were a nice touch though. Thank goodness for friends in high places at the American Apparel store nearby. They're always coming through for me at costumed events.

I did have a lot of fun catching up with my frosh that did show up to their slosh. And a lot of them brought friends so it was still a good time. I had them destroyed by 10pm.

playing on my itunes: Let's Call It Off by Drake (ft. Peter Bjorn & John)

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"necklace from the streets of Costa Rica"