Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ayer be damned... (procrastinating)

profiteroles at Biff's downtown Toronto

My Dad took my camera with him to the Bahamas, so I'm placating you with this picture I took with my phone at lunch yesterday. I forgot to grab pictures of the main course, but it was beautiful. My aunt took me here for lunch yesterday. I had the most amazing omelet and when she suggested desert to share, I definitely couldn't say no (even though I was incredibly full already). I definitely recommend this place, pricy though. My aunt always takes me somewhere nice, oh how I love coming home.

I went shopping at the Eaton's center after, and I found it incredibly... boring. I don't know if the street I live on while I'm in school has spoiled me in terms of boutique shopping, or if I'm just getting tired of Eaton's Center 'cause that's where I'm always at whenever I come home. Needless to say, my shopping trip was unfruitful. I didn't get anything except a shirt at Hollister which I had to force myself to buy because I needed to get rid of a giftcard. I'm not a big fan of Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch anymore. It was kinda a high school phase for me and now I've grown out of it. A few things from there are still in my wardrobe though.

I have Olympic fever! My Canadian spirit is at it's highest ever and I'm in love with ice dance gold medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. They're just so adorable and incredibly graceful on the ice. And I'm super excited for the women's free skate tonight! My money's on Kim Yu-Na, but I would love to see Joannie Rochette win silver for her mom.

playing on my itunes:

Is it just me or is Tegan getting hotter? My housemate and I would have debates over which one would we rather do and I would always answer Sara.


BreakingItUp said...
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BreakingItUp said...

That food looks classy as hell.
Not to mention your camera's phone is fantastic.

(Which is apt, considering people always mistake your phone for a camera.)