Thursday, March 4, 2010

"...but today I have decided will be different."

A Single Man trailer

You know when you see something really beautiful, so striking that it hurts? It makes your heart sit up literally, makes your heart sit just a little bit higher up in your chest, somewhere between where it's supposed to be and your throat. And it's just... caught there, making it that little bit harder to just breathe. I can honestly say that's exactly how I felt through this whole movie. Ford is amazing in his artistry, every scene was just the perfect bit off-center, and every shot was cut exactly right, the screen filled with foreground and background the absolutely perfect amount.

Everything about it was completely breathtaking, heartbreaking at parts and just... beautiful. I don't know how to describe it beyond that.

I encourage every one to try and see it if they get the chance. I know it's not wide release, but I was lucky enough to have the small indie theater in my university town show it. This movie is definitely among my favourites of all time and I know it's a bit much to hope Colin Firth will win the Oscar but I really hope he does 'cause he absolutely deserves it.

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Roya + the Machine said...

Watching this trailer again after seeing the movie gave me chills.

brb, biting your style and making a movie post